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REQ: Help with Playlist maker by D3n1S

Hello All, I had all of the playlist maker by D3n1S working on my windows 7 machine. Now that I have upgraded to windows 10, none seem to load now. “windows is checking for a solution error ” I know the Min req are Vlc 32 bit, IE and .net 4.5 or better, from what […]


Need help to stream this music channel please;

Mix ts

Eska music

#EXTM3U #EXTINF:0,eska_rock #EXTINF:0,eska_party #EXTINF:0,wawa #EXTINF:0,4 #EXTINF:0,


Help, dreambox want play this channels


Can anyone get this amc stream to work as an m3u8?[email protected]/manifest.f4m?hdnea=ip=[email protected]*~id=39640104-55e7-424c-ab85-ea3336e8d309~hmac=68d12d76955729982ece069f5718583701b0dfaa301d11152ff2ea25a500b76d&g=JYCOTNMPITNT&hdcore=3.5.0

udp streams

Anybody know how to get of list udpxy streams? For example i have this site and i see few people has connect as watching strams but how to get full list of this udp server with channels name on it?  Any soft or tricks? Thank you

middle east

jazeera makkah


Für mich neu beim ORF entdeckt: ORF eins HD (3000 kbps) ORF 2 HD (3000 kbps) ORF 3 HD (3000 kbps) ORF Sport+ HD (3000 kbps) Alle mit .17, .18, .19 oder .20 q4a, und q6a sollten bekannt sein 😉

Kurdish IPTV

#EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1 channelId=”-1″ tvg-logo=”” aspect-ratio=”1,85:1″ , NRT 2 #EXTSIZE:Small #EXTINF:-1 channelId=”-1″ tvg-logo=”” audio-track=”Kurdisk” aspect-ratio=”1,85:1″ , NRT 1 #EXTSIZE:Small #EXTINF:-1 channelId=”-1″ tvg-logo=”” , NRT HD ny #EXTINF:-1 channelId=”-1″ tvg-logo=”” , Vin TV #EXTSIZE:Small #EXTINF:-1 channelId=”-1″ tvg-logo=”” aspect-ratio=”1,85:1″ , KOREK-TV #EXTSIZE:Small #EXTINF:-1 channelId=”-1″ tvg-logo=”” , KOREK ny #EXTINF:-1 channelId=”-1″ tvg-logo=”” , […]